marți, 16 iunie 2009

Over the tree tops

Over the tree tops glides the moon,
Woods are dancing in the breeze,
Through the boughs of alders trees
Plays the horn a woeful tune.

Ever farther, far away,
Ever fainter is its breath,
But it salves with thirst for death
My sad soul, forlorn for aye.

Why should you keep silent when
My witched heart for you is bound?
Gentle horn, are you to sound
For my solace once again?

(Mihai Eminescu)

Peste varfuri

Peste vârfuri trece lună,
Codru-şi bate frunza lin,
Dintre ramuri de arin
Melancolic cornul sună.

Mai departe, mai departe,
Mai încet, tot mai încet,
Sufletu-mi nemângâiet
Îndulcind cu dor de moarte.

De ce taci, când fermecată
Inima-mi spre tine-ntorn?
Mai suna-vei, dulce corn,
Pentru mine vre odată?

(Mihai Eminescu)

To the star

Up to the star that's just appeared
The journey's long, and so
For thousand years its light careered
To reach us here, below.

It may have faded on its way
Of old, in blue spheres bright
Though only now its shining ray
Unfolds to this our sight.

The image of the star that died
Comes slowly to the fore:
It used to be when it would hide -
We see what is no more.

And likewise, while our yearning dove
Died in the deepest night,
The light of the extinguished love
Still follows us in flight.

(Mihai Eminescu)
traducere: Andrei Bantas

La steaua

La steaua care-a rasarit
E-o cale-atat de lunga,
Ca mii de ani i-au trebuit
Luminii sa ne-ajunga.

Poate de mult s-a stins in drum
In departari albastre
Iar raza ei abia acum
Luci privirii noastre.

Icoana stelei ce-a murit
Incet pe bolta suie:
Era pe cand nu s-a zarit,
Azi o vedem, si nu e.

Tot astfel cand al nostru dor
Pieri in noapte-adanca,
Lumina stinsului amor
Ne urmareste inca.

(Mihai Eminescu)