miercuri, 3 decembrie 2008


"Bate, si eu stiu ca bate, si vreau eu sa bata.
Bate si-o aud intruna si nu mai vreau sa bata
De fiecare data, ca-ntaia data.
De fiecare data, ca ultima data.
N-are culoare, n-are, ca miezul de piatra,
ca miezul pietrei, de-ar batea miezul de
Nimeni n-a vazut-o nicioadata.
Mint ce-i care spun c-au vazut-o vreodata...
Ea bate, si eu stiu ca bate, si vreau eu sa
O aud intruna, pana nu mai vreau sa bata.
Dar auzul meu si ea sunt doar o bucata,
un singur bloc de piatra nedespicata."

(Nichita Stanescu)
One way wind, one way wind
Are you trying to blow my mind
One way wind, one way wind
Is she her that I hope to find
Why you blow the colds everyday
Tell me what are you trying to say

No I don't know all about you
And maybe I never will
But I do know every word of
Our talking upon the hill
And whenever I will see you
For maybe one more time
I'm sure I'll get the answer that
the wind has still in mind.

(One way wind - The Cats)